Purchase and Maintenance
These people are always courteous doing whatever they can to make it easy for you. When they say they will pickup your machine at a certain time they do. Always making sure are aware of the pickup. If you need to change the time just ask and they will work with you to make the change. We bought our new Ranger with a 4 way blade this fall and a good thing we did I racked up most of the first hours pushing snow. Sure glad We got Heater and doors and wipers! It was due for its first maintenance so we scheduled a time at Rods. Guess what a snow storm also scheduled itself that day. I called and told them I needed the Ranger for snowplowing they replied no problem and rescheduled the maintenance and the free pickup. Thanks guys! (Employee: Shawn Lockington, Rodney Steiger, TJ Carrie)
Dale Knutson
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